As a coach I am always looking for the best overall outcome for my athletes. Not only PR's but how training will effect their lifestyle, goals, and well being. I truly believe that I can help you achieve those break through moments in your running journey.
Coach Le'Von
Program Design

Using athlete survey, each runner will be receive program designed specifically for them. Running history, current fitness, short term goals, and long term goals will all be taken into consideration for the program that will be given to you. Any runner, ranging from junior high to age groups 60-70 years old.

YOU WILL BE Personally coached, and prepared to reach your highest level of fitness yet!


Virtual Training Program For Everyone

What Is Involved In Designing Your Program

  • Tailor-Made To Your Event
  • Daily Strava Check-In
  • Core Exercise Progressions
  • Stretching and Strength based on C.S.C.S. Standards
  • Workouts Base On Your Goals and Seasons Schedule
  • Proper Base Training Phases
  • Event Specific Race Strategies
  • Running Drills Progression
  • Progression Based On Peek Performance
  • Comprehensive Data Kept
  • *local runners allowed at club practice*