Elite Programming and Training For The Athlete Who Isn't Finished Competing At The Highest Level



Are you looking to hit some new life time PR’s after running in college? Still feel like you have some fitness in you to keep getting faster? Mile Eaters is a great way to scratch that itch!

Our open division training is perfect for those serious post collegiate athletes looking for high level coaching. You may not be signed to a shoe company just yet, but wouldn’t it be fun to chase that dream with serious training and programing.



Events We Offer:

  • Cross Country
  • 200m/400m
  • 800m
  • 400m Hurdles
  • 1500m
  • 5,000m

2019 SOCAL Cross Country Schedule

Vivian Ochoa @Cal State Invitational 5k


400m -50.0

800m– 1:54.9



5,000m– 14:50


400m -57.0

800m– 2:14.0

400mh– 60.0


5,000m– 17:30

"Being a 200/400 meter runner I was skeptical on joining a team called the Mile Eaters. But I gave it a chance, and glad I did. It allowed me to finish what I wasn't able to at the end of my college career! More PR's! Thanks Coach Le'Von for keeping my love for my craft alive and well 5 years post college!"