Mile Eaters started in 2012 with a vision from Coach Le’Von. After coaching for other youth clubs, he saw that there was a lack of  mentoring and guidance. This track club started with a vision of supporting athletes throughout their full student athlete careers. Not just in elementary and junior high.

After several years with just focusing on youth athletes, our club grew into providing a space for all ages. Youth, High School, Collegiate, Open Division, and Masters athletes have all trained with Mile Eaters. One of our main goals in the next couple of years, will be to grow this portion of our club.

Guidance: This concept starts with the letting go of micro management in the growth process of each athlete.  Giving each athlete control of their learning experience so they can obtain and apply everything they are learning at each practice.

Development: At all ages, development is key. Even our open division runners who have ran at the national NCAA DI level have benefited from a “development” mindset. Most athletes are not finished products, which is why we are here. To help mold

Friendships: Our club environment is one that is welcoming, positive, and encouraging. While also helping each athlete improve to their fullest potential. Growth can only happen when a student athlete can be sure they are safe to show and share who they are.

Excellence:  “Giving everything you got”. Being able to give 100% effort is the goal. We DO NOT stress on our youth athletes time goals. Teach them to be comfortable within themselves, while giving 100% mental and physical effort. These are skills that help them excel in things outside of running. We want our student athletes to be well rounded and full developed.

“Satisfaction comes when you know you have nothing else to give”